Heirloom Jewelry Repair and Purchases


Living a New Life

Heirloom Jewelry brought to Fircrest Jewelers has the ability to live a new life in the hands of a new owner.


Breath of Fresh Air

Through refurbishing, Fircrest Jewelers has the ability to restore cherished heirloom jewelry.


Reuse and Recycle

Fircrest Jewelers can appraise a wide rage of metal and gemstone jewelry, with the intent of restoring, reusing, and recycling. Come in for a quote or to sell heirloom jewelry today.


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Jewelry Made Here, Now.

Since 2016, Fircrest Jewelers (Formerly Forgeous Jewelers) has been an independent and small jeweler, specializing in creating unique rings, earrings, pendents, and beyond, in Washington State. 

Created by founders Joe and Leah, Fircrest Jewelers is a small and local response to a frightening trend over the past few decades; the prevalence of "Big Box" jewelers who do what they can to maximize profits at the expense of the customer. 

Go Small,

Then Go Home.

Quality you would expect from large jewelry stores, but without 4,000 miles of international shipping. Competitive prices on goods made right here in Fircrest, Washington.

Instead of being mass produced in a factory overseas and stored in a warehouse, every piece of jewelry is individually crafted as it is ordered.

Your ring is a clean slate. In fact, it is a clean block. 

Of Metal. Currently. 


"...Just gorgeous!"

— These amazingly talented jewelers made our wedding rings and then for Christmas, my husband surprised me with beautiful earrings that carry the theme of the rings. Just gorgeous!

- Hillary

Rings, Pendants, Earrings.

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Jewelry Obsessed Jewelers

With Heart, For Hire.

From: Joe and Leah,

We are Washington natives who have been working in the industry collectively for over 45 years. After multiple jobs in large-scale jewelry manufacturing and retail, we decided to go it alone.  Currently, as the founders of Fircrest Jewelers, we seek to bring the same reliability, quality, and great customer service that you can expect from a world-class jeweler. Forging, repairing, and repurposing jewelry is our passion, and it should be clear the moment you visit the store or experience our jewelry. 

Forging jewelry is a trade that has slowly been pushed abroad in an effort to streamline business. But here at Fircrest Jewelers, every piece bursts with care and devotion to a craft that is still held dear and loved by us. 

Before you choose us, ask: 

 Who is behind the ring?